Take It To The Streets.


My first workshop in 2018 and my one of bucket list to meet this man, TTFGA a.k.a Ridduan Ismail. So this was few my favorite shot during workshop.


  • Shot with Fujifilm XPRO 1 35mm
  • Location : Ting Ting Supermarket , Kuching Sarawak

Reflection X Bad Karma ’17


I used to be the type of kid that would always think the sky is falling
Why am I so differently wired? Am I a martian?
What kind of twisted experiment am I involved in?
‘Cause I don’t belong in this world
That’s why I’m scoffing at authority, defiant often

This is my legacy.

  • Recent work with Bad Karma / Woodstock Clothing brand.
  • Model / Talent : Tarm
  • Reflector shirt and Black Rose collection 2017

Tenang is Good. Bad Karma 2017


Flash paper burns to the bone, melting away without a moan
Blowtorch my brain away, there’s nothing left for me to pray
Eroding all that I’ve become, taking and breaking all that I’ve won
Decoding thoughts within my mind, bleeding and feeding what I might find…

A cat scratch
A whiplash
A witch hunt in black…

  • Model / Talent : Ella
  • BADKARMA / WOODSTOCK Clothing brand December 2017